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Sodium silicate liquid
【Name】Sodium silicate liquid

I. Performance
Sodium silicate is also known as water glass or glass water. Sodium silicate liquid manufactured by our company is non-toxic and odorless, has strong stability, high adhesion and strength; wide range of application, pollution free. Molecular formula: Na2O nSiO2. Density is 1.36-1.50g/cm3. Baume degree 38.4-48.3.

II. Use
Chemical industry——it is chemical raw material, which can be used in the production of silica solution, white carbon black, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate, and other products.
Machinery industry——in foundry industry, it can be used in investment casting, foundry casting, metal repair and anticorrosion.
Concrete industry——Used in quick-setting cement and acid-proof cement.
Light industry——in washing industry, it can be used as raw material for detergent, soap and washing powder; in textile industry; it can be used in bleaching and slashing, etc.
Wood processing——the processed wood has good pest proof, water proof and water proof property.
Refractory material——it can be used in the production of acid proof mortar, refractory castables, etc.
Petrochemical industry——as silica-alumina catalyst, well cementation agent in petroleum drilling industry.

III. Index

Model 38oBe
Silicon dioxide%≥ 24.6 26.0 26.0 25.7 29.2 29.2
Sodium oxide%≥ 7.0 8.2 8.2 10.2 12.8 12.8
Modulus 3.30-3.50 3.10-3.40 3.10-3.40 2.60-2.90 2.20-2.20 2.20-2.50

IV. Storage & Transportation
1. Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse.
2. Separate from oxidant and acid matters.
3. The container should be tightly sealed.

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